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International Projects

Contact our team to discuss the ways we can help drive projects with international requirements and priorities. We can provide assistance working with solution providers such as trash trucks compactors, street sweepers, tow trucks, bobtail trucks, food trucks, refrigerated trucks that run on LPG/CNG directly attached to the engine and many more. We are a bi-lingual team that help translate requirements and drive project management coordination between multiple back end solution to make sure the costs, timing, taxes, transportation, shipping and integration providers at the end point to ensure complete delivery.

Using key principles to reduce risk, create mitigation strategies and enable the right process to provide the best solution without costly mistakes.

  1. We work directly with the upfitters from tow trucks backends, aerial platforms, cranes to regular boxes – this helps us remove expensive mistakes
  2. Add in extra capacity for gross payload requirements to reduce risks associated with overloading the truck
  3. Enable trailer configurations into the solution by adding the weight to the full trailer along with GVW to ensure enough power and torque is available.
  4. Our up front process of creating the right project requirements also make sure we understand the full driving conditions from city to long haul to terrain from flat to mountainous. This helps make sure we don’t add costs to the truck that are not necessary but also ensures that the solution is fully ready for the customers needs.

Solutions we have worked on include locales in:

  • Columbia
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Haiti
  • China